Stainless Steel Grill Griddle Teppanyaki Table Intelligent Control Panel , Semicircle Commercial Barbecue Equipment

Semicircle Commercial Barbecue Equipment Stainless Steel Grill Griddle Teppanyaki Table Intelligent control panel




Established in 1992, Chuanglv Greenark guarantees quality based on 26 years of experience.


1992 Chuanglv Inc. founded.
1995 Chuanglv Handcrafted the World's First Down Exhausted Teppanyaki Equipment.
2000 Chuanglv registered Greenark trademark, began to scale R & D and production.
2001 Successfully developed oil fume purification technology and introduced teppanyaki equipment
2004 Won the National Spark Cup of creating invention award
2006 CE certified
2007 Successfully developed and turned off the automatic flameout protection device for gas teppanyaki
2010 Launched Teppanyaki One-stop Service Concept
2013 Held the first China Teppanyaki industry summit forum and published the first special issue of Teppanyaki
2016 Drafting Teppanyaki industry standard

Product Descripition

Professional teppanyaki grill table equipment japanese teppanyaki table

Material: stainless steel

Japanese teppanyaki grill feature:

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Machine size: R850*800mm

Optional: gas or electric type

Can provide more shape: rectangle, circle, fan-shape, arch-shape and bridge-shape etc

*We support teppanyaki chefs to start their own business by exporting 1pc equipment.


Materials: Grill body made of German 304 stainless steel, heating plate made of sepcial alloy steel with thickness of 20mm, one-piece unibody, no deformation or discoloration
after long time use.

Drawer: Operation panel, waste container and filter made of 1.0mm stainless steal, and the air inlet made of 1.5mm mirror surface stainless steal.

Advantages of Electromagnetic(Induction) Teppanyaki
a) The only self assembled electromagnetic plate and motor in China specially designed and developed for teppanyaki equipment;
b) With German Infinon power module and NEC rectifier;
c) The circuit board material is in conformity with UL and ROHS certification, the master chip is with imported 32's DSP digital processing unit, and the 6-layered heat resistant insulative material makes the motor work for a much longer time;
d) Electromagnetic radiation is only 18k-35k, which is much lower than the European standard limit of 100k.

Advantages of Built-in Taiwan Electrostatic Fume Purifier
a) Absorbing fume particles with diameter of over 0.1 um (diameter) with processing efficiency of 93%-97%;
b) High and low voltage dust collecting plate separation technology, easy for cleaning;
c) Advanced point discharging technology;
d) Power-off protection device for output disorder.

Stainless Steel Grill Griddle Teppanyaki Table Intelligent Control Panel , Semicircle Commercial Barbecue Equipment
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